I belong to Camille's series

I'm born from a beautiful schulte german mohair of Brown
color of medium pile, and hand-stitched carefully
(no sewing machine) for a perfect sculpture.
I'm fully 5 ways jointed with disks and cotter pins,
I'm padded like classical bears, with exelcior mixed with wool fibers.
I have beautiful luminous green german glass eyes
with black pupil underlined with black leather.
My nose and my claws are embroidered with a dark
green satin cotton thread.
My paw pads are out of a brown cashmere, shaded with some colors.
I'm wearing a charm from sterling silver, which is a tiny key
on a cotton thread necklace with jade beads.
I'm wearing a white cotton dress made by Nadine
in a vintage blouse, some small flowers crocheted from
perle cotton thread are sewing on it;
I'm 12" high and 8"5 sitting, and I weigh 1.1 lbs.
I'm crying out when I'm turned round.
I'll arrive in my sweet new home with a surprise for my new mum,
she'll discover my gift for her,
it will be a bunch of seven roses from cotton thread crocheted
day after day by Nadine,
while I'll wait to know in which hug I'll go :o)

When I saw the light of day, the ground was fresh,
the air was filling up an unlikely mildness,
of a strong light, heavy and blinding. I rolled my eyes in
the heaven and I saw a big empty space...
a wild blue which was greeting the cold winds of winter.
I don't know nothing yet about the world, I'm so new in this world,
so innocent, my soul is just tenderness and abandon,
I'll devote myself to the friendly heart
who will has loved me at the first sign.
So, the love stories are born, never thinking otherwise
than with the surges of heart.

She's living with Michele who adopted her.

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