I belong to Camille's series

I'm born from a schulte german mohair of light grey with
a dark green-grey backing,
a long pile, and hand-stitched carefully (no sewing machine)
for a perfect sculpture.
I'm fully 5 ways jointed with disks and cotter pins,
I'm padded like classical bears, with exelcior mixed with wool
and mohair fibers. I have beautiful luminous green
german glass eyes with black pupil underlined with black leather.
My nose and my claws are embroidered with a dark green
satin cotton thread. My paw pads are out of
a white wool felt, shaded with some colors,
which is a special effect created by Nadine.
I'm wearing a thread with 3 jade beads, a vintage nylon dress
and two small roses crocheted from perle cotton thread with
a tiny crochet; I'm 12" high and 8"5 sitting, and I weigh 1 lbs.
I'm crying out when I'm turned round.
I have the memory of the sun which is plating my skin of copper,
of the air which is swinging around me and covering me
of thousand of small kisses.
I have the memory of the rain, of its perfume,
of the stones, after, when the rain is gone.
There is a long time ago, I can't remember when..
but there is a long time ago.
The rains have bitten my skin often, but I haven't moved,
I have waited. Now, I know that it's a long time ago.
My skin is covered of green and grey,
because there is a long time I'm here and I'm waiting,
that the rain has bitten my skin, often. I was a small ring of copper,
now I'm a tender bear. My soul has followed the things
of earth and patiently...
I have waited long... always someone is waiting for you...
you have to know that I'm this cherished ring, lost,
forgotten and now led on a new way...
I have lived from a memory, I'm this memory,
the history you must create for me is all that remains.

I'm living with Lyda who adopted me.

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